[K12OSN] K12LTSP status

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Tue Jul 13 17:07:14 UTC 2010

I've been running F13 upgraded from F12 without issue for some time. If
you have clients that can boot off of F12 or 13, it works very well. F13
uses the latest Firefox, Flash, etc. which are quite stable. F13 is i686
only so make sure it plays well with older clients that run Via
processors (iirc).

If you are worried about the eye candy clogging up the pipes, the lxde
spin is wonderfully lightweight. There are some things missing vs. Gnome
but I've been meaning for a while to tout its advantages. You can make a
nice "netbook" style interface with it that may well be suited for
younger students.

(Written from an F12 client off of an F13 server)


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> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 9:53 AM, Luis Montes <monteslu at cox.net> wrote:
> > Les Mikesell wrote:
> >>
> >> On 7/12/2010 10:26 AM, Gavin Spurgeon wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> Does anyone know what the likelihood is of CentOS 6 and LTSP 5
> being
> >>>> packaged?
> >>>
> >>> I have already said that I am willing to take over the packaging
> of the
> >>> .rpms for Fedora/RHEL but I am in the process of trying to take
> over the
> >>> packages on the Fedora Packages System but this is a slow process
> and we
> >>> are still trying to contact the current owner and sort things out.
> Once
> >>> this gets done the 1st thing on the TODO list is to package teh
> latest
> >>> version of LTSP for F13 and of course get things ready for
> upcoming
> >>> versions of RHEL.
> >>>
> >>> Hope this helps...
> >>
> >> I think the nature of the usage is such that if it doesn't have a
> solid
> >> release by early/mid August, most of the potential US users will
> have to
> >> stick with K12LTSP EL5 another year - at least if ltsp4 works on
> their
> >> clients.
> >>
> > This would be extremely unfortunate. ?One thing that I haven't been
> able to
> > run on Centos5 is Google's Chrome. ?As more and more sites ditch
> flash in
> > favor of javascript+HTML5, this is becoming really
> important. ?Firefox is
> > good, but ?Chrome is much faster.
> >
> > Chrome running an LTSP5 ?local app would be even better.
> >
> RHEL6 most likely won't be out before Halloween which means CentOS6
> will probably come in early 2011. Then somebody like Gavin will have
> to make packages of K12Linux for it. So I would plan for a K12Linux
> based on CentOS6 for next school year (Sept 2011). Unless you are
> brave enough to switch mid year (I'm not).
> But if a newer distro is that important (for Chrome and the like) then
> why not just use Fedora 12 now. It's ready and stable. Plus RHEL6 is
> mostly based on F12 anyway. Yes F12 is going to stop getting updates
> in Nov but if you're not running services on it that are publicly
> accessible, all you really need to make sure is your browser+plugins
> are up to date.
> BTW if all your clients are strong enough to run the most demanding
> and resource hungry app (Chrome) locally, then DRBL may be an option
> for you.
> Just a side note: I never really feel comfortable with Fedora in a
> production environment like ltsp or drbl until it's been out for at
> least 2-3 months.
> -- 
> Robert Arkiletian
> Eric Hamber Secondary, Vancouver, Canada 

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