[K12OSN] No response from server. Restarting...

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Thu Jul 8 16:47:45 UTC 2010

Did you restart the server but not the clients?


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> Subject: [K12OSN] No response from server. Restarting...
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> Hello,
> We loaded and tested the K12Linux Fedora v10 and it worked. Clients
> able to login. We ran the updates. Now, whenever a client login, will
> receive this message: "Verifying password. Please wait" and then this
> "No response from the server. Restarting..." The GUI then quickly
> restart.
> There is a post about this same issue but the command
> ltsp-update-sshkeys did not work for us. SELinux and firewall are
> disable for now. 
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

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