[K12OSN] K12LTSP status

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Sun Jul 11 16:53:43 UTC 2010

Newer realtek nics aren't detected and then kernel panic. I didn't get
the time to see if I could alias them to an older chipset.

It's been a little while since I've hacked around in the bowels
of /opt/ltsp/i386/etc. I probably could give it a good go but I'd rather
spend that time getting stuff updated. Having used ltsp 5 for the last
year and a half, I like the way it takes advantage of newer chipsets
(say, video).

I use Atoms at home and on a gigabit connection to the server, Flash
runs well, and even full screen is tolerable. On Robert's suggestion,
I'm going to look at drbl.


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> Thanks everyone for the insiders tips...
> Now the hickster is up to speed on the latest,,,anyways.
> William,
> Just curious. What is it on your Atom based TC's that chokes when you
> *try and boot them on ltsp-4.x? Is it the nic is not detected
> correctly
> or?? I'm always up for a good challenge on hacking this kind of
> stuff,even if I don't know what I'm doing!,,,:).
> Take Care,
> Barry

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