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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP status

I'm thinking our best bet is to do a K12Linux with LTSP 5 on the upcoming CentOS 6 (a "K12Linux 6EL", if you will). It'll be probably half a year, but like today's K12LTSP 5EL, that'll have long-term support.

Fedora simply changes too fast to be maintainable at any level which requires scaling. Don't get me wrong, Fedora's great for its intended purpose, and that purpose is the hobbyist and advanced technical user.

I don't know a blessed thing about making RPM's (yet), but I'd be willing to help package such a K12Linux 6EL if the need is there.


Joseph Bishay wrote:
Hello everyone,

So I thought I'd ask if there has been any news about updating
K12Linux to a newer version of Fedora.  I've come across some issues
now that are dead in the water because I'm stuck with Fedora 10 which
already past its "End of Life".  Fedora really is an excellent
distribution from our teacher's/student's point of view, and I've had
good experience as an inexperienced administrator with it so I'm
concerned about switching to another distribution.  I do have a
new-ish server that is ready to test out any new versions of the
K12Linux and a lab with a variety of old and new-ish machines if that
would help.

I ask because as the summer continues I will have to make a decision
before September for what to do.


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