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Re: [K12OSN] K12OSN Digest, Vol 77, Issue 14

You sound like you are assuming its a s/w or local LAN problem BUT don't forget your WAN connection to the internet.

Since you are talking about watching YouTube over the internet you should verify what your internet link speed is as well as whether you are having any WAN-side problems.

Initially try just doing a PING to www.youtube.com.    What is your response time ? I'd probably expect sub- 60 millisecond responses.   If you get something much higher then delay could be a problem.

You've mentioned your LAN speeds but what is your WAN/internet link speed ?  2mbps, 10mbps, more?

You will need to find out whether your WAN link is

1) at or near capacity which would cause poor video
2) having problems with errors (video is highly susceptible to dropped packets), if you can't check your internet router then ask someone to do so just to make sure you are not taking hits on your WAN interface whether that is DSL, Cable, etc.
if its a cisco router you can log in and use the SHOW INTERFACE command to look for thinks like CRC errors, retransmissions etc.

There are a lot of free Internet Speed test sites out there where you just click on a button and it will measure up/down speeds to the pc you are using.   Try to use a legitimate site like maybe your Service Provider if they have one.

Brian Mullan

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How are you doing?  I hope all is well.

So I was recently informed by one of our staff that our LTSP
(k12Linux) system is too slow for youtube videos.  Not being a youtube
person (at least at work!) I had never really tried it so I gave it a
test now.

Server -> gigabit card -> gigabit switch -> gigabit client (Dell
Inspiron 530 - Core 2 Duo processor 1 GB RAM)

Ran the test when there was no one else logged into the network.  Gave
the Old Spice youtube video a whirl (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE ) (ran it at 480p setting)
and it's horrible. It's not a video as much as a fast-flickering
slideshow.  Just to put it further I ran it at full-screen mode and it
looked more like a powerpoint slide presentation than a video.

I tried re-running the video several times, to see if having it in
memory/cache made a different but it didn't.

So I'm not sure what is the problem.  I recently purchased the gigabit
switch specifically to help speed things up but now I'm very worried.

What do you recommend I do in order to determine the location of the bottleneck?

thank you

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