[K12OSN] Thin Client hardware

Jeff Williams cfiaime at cfiaime.com
Sat Jun 5 21:19:56 UTC 2010

On Saturday 05 June 2010 10:00:03 k12osn-request at redhat.com wrote:

> Hello All,
> Could some of you's post up what you are using for thin clients as well
> as numbers,switches,servers, in the upcoming year? Just curious what
> everyone thinks ' is the best mouse trap ' for TC's in their working
> network?
> Naturally ,I think we have the ultimate TC setup,but I am usually all
> wet!
> I would guess most people here are using a miriad of hardware in regards
> to TC iron,as it just seems 'this is the way it ends up being'.
> Does anyone have any desire to try and push more wireless integration
> into their k12linux networks?
> Take Care,
> Barry
> ------------------------------


I'm using K12LTSP both in a classroom setting in Grand Junction, Colorado, and 
at the Hospice of Saint John in Lakewood, Colorado.  In both instances, we are 
using DevonIT hardware.  The thin clients at Grand Junction are starting their 
third year with no problems, except infant mortality on one unity.  They are 
DevonIT 6050, a model discontinued shortly after we bought them.  At the 
Hospice we are using DevonIT TC-2 clients on a small educational network (and 
a bunch more as Windows Terminal Server clients).  Most of these are 18 to 24 
months old.  We have had no problems with the 30 or so units that are 

I'm shying away from wireless for several reasons.  First, it is a pain to 
manage, so it seems.  It seems to randomly stop working for no apparent 
reason.  I've got both  "company" and "client" wireless networks at the 
Hospice, and frankly for the use I would just as soon dump it.  Of course the 
SOHO grade wireless hardware is frustrating to set up seeing the various 
manfacturers don't want to allow us complete access to the system configuration 
settings.  Older wireless access points and switches are easier to configure 
because the control software isn't trying to outsmart us.

I am very pleased with the hardware and software in place for our K12LTSP 
installations.  I am especially pleased with the DevonIT hardware and their 
customer service.

jeff williams - cfiaime at cfiaime.com

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