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Re: [K12OSN] Would you purchase this server for $150?


we are operating a LAN with a similar server (DL 380 G3 2x2800) and we have 10 clients running OpenOffice, e-mail, desktop publishing, one PHP developer and one CAD system. Performance is excellent, provided that Firefox runs locally on clients. CPU workload never goes beyond 15~20%. We saw much difference from the previous Personal Computer we used as a server, although it ran on an Intel CoreDuo 5200 2.5 GHz. Our opinion is that a server, born to be a server, appears to be much more suited for that role than a fat PC. Please, note that these server are very bulky and noisy and can't be kept in the same room where people work.

    Gianugo Altieri
    Micro Bio Devices, Italy

On 06/08/2010 05:35 AM, Joseph Bishay wrote:

I hope everyone is doing well?

I have an opportunity to purchase an HP Proliant DL360 G3 for $150.
The specifications are:

2x2.8GHz Pentium 4 Hyperthreading Xeon processors
Battery-backed hardware RAID
2x76GB 10k SCSI HDDs

The full technical specs are here:

Our current setup is 15 clients but going to grow to 20 within a few
weeks.  Our current server is running K12Linux (based on Fedora 10) on
a Pentium 4 (2.4 Ghz) with 3 GB RAM and 2x37 GB SCSI drives.

What do you think? Would it provide a serious performance boost? Our
server now is OK but you can feel at times it's slow with the 15
clients when they're all going.


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