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Re: [K12OSN] OT: web browsing slowness- revisted

I wonder if the sites have some sort of javascript running amok. Just as a way of teasing out more information on what is happening, try turning off javascript in FF and see what happens. Of course, depending on how they're coded, that may render the whole sites useless, but at least you'd have an idea of the direction to pursue.


Barry Cisna wrote:

Thanks for the bug report to look through. I should have gave better
description as well. When browsing  I mentioned the TC "hangs" but a
better description is the TC does not actually lock up/freeze,but just
becomes VERY slow. For example typing in the PM box/spell checking just
typing a simple one line sentence takes about a minute to complete. Also
the wild scrolling action,that I don't experience in any other sites
that I have used?


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