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Re: [K12OSN] Install packages from full Fedora 10

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On Mar 9, 2010, at 10:05 PM, Michael Izak wrote:

Now I am confused.  And getting frustrated.

I explained this before.

I tried K12Linux (Fedora 10 with LTSP 5) and it is a bowderlized version of Fedora 10. It does not let you create network shares (samba) or anything much else because much of the necessary packages are missing. (or, are they? If so, point them out where they are? ) I am not a Linux geek and I want to create a simple terminal server setup with the full packages from Fedora 10 and not some cut up shortened version of Fedora 10 that is called K12Linux/ K12LTSP whatever.
K12Linux is really just a Fedora install CD that installs different stuff by default, it adds the LTSP 5 for instance. To make room to include the LTSP stuff on the installer CD, they may have left off some other stuff, assuming you could install it later using the internet and the software installer tool. Some of it may even still be in the K12Linux install CD, it may just have not been installed. I can't speak for what is and is not on each CD or what is installed on each by default, since I'm running Fedora 12 now.

You mention K12LTSP 5.0EL. It is said to be part of Fedora 9 but I cannot find it anywhere.
K12LTSP 5.0EL is based on CentOS and LTSP 4. 5.0EL is the version of CentOS, not LTSP.

I don't understand why LTSP 5 software cannot be found to be downloaded? I don't understand why LTSP 5 can't be RPM'd into Fedora 10 or 12? And all of you keep pointing me back to some K12Linux which I keep saying it does not contain the full version of Fedora 10?
LTSP isn't really just one program, it's a large group of programs that work together. So it's not that is cannot be downloaded, it's just that downloading and installing all the programs individually would be a whole lot of work. That's why the K12Linux install cd was created, so it would all be installed by default, and why the yum software installer automatically goes and gets all the software that LTSP depends on when you ask to install LTSP on a plain Fedora Linux installation.
Can anybody help me by explaining the genius thinking behind selling a K12Linux package whose elevator does not go all the way to the top or explain to me where to FIND a LTSP 5 package and download it and install it on a full packaged Fedora 10.

I think they were trying to save space on the installer CD. I don't know the reasoning for that decision, I would guess it could be any number of things like making it fit on one disk, shrinking the size of the downloads (so people didn't download and install a bunch of stuff they didn't need), and they probably assumed everyone had internet access and could add any missing stuff later on using yum (and/or it's GUI). You are correct that these decisions have made assembling an LTSP server on Fedora far more difficult if it is not connected to a good internet connection.

For what it's worth, samba (and some other software) might be on the K12Linux install CD, as i said, it just may not have been installed by default.
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