[K12OSN] Life after LTSP

Steven Santos Steven at SimplyCircus.com
Wed Nov 10 23:34:55 UTC 2010

K12LTSP was a success because it did everything we needed it to do, and it
did it with little fuss.

What if the future is not in a given tech, but in the concept or what Eric
did way back when? 

Why couldn't we come up with a system where you use one DVD to setup and
install a complete working linux network for a school.  This should allow
for all network services commonly needed in a school setting, including:

      - Student administration
            - Admin / Teacher desktops (DRBL)
		- SIS including classes, grade, etc
            - Accounting

      - Classroom Services
            - Student desktops (DRBL)
		- Moodle virtual classroom
		- School Wide Wiki

	- Lab services
		- Writing lab (LTSP)
		- Science lab (DRBL)

	- Library Services
		- Library desktops (DRBL)

	- Common network services
      	- School-wide print services
		- Restricted Internet access, filtering and local caching

	- Lunchroom / School Store
            - POS terminals

     Step 1: setup the servers
           - DNS / DHCP servers
           - 389 Directory Server
	        - Set up the network admin group (auto)
      	  - Set up the office/admin group (auto)
	        - Set up the teacher group (auto)
      	  - Set up the Lunchroom group (auto)
	        - Set up the schoolstore group (auto)
      	  - Set up the student groups (auto, by class, graduating year)
        	  - Set up software access groups (interactive)
           - NIS / Kerbos (using 389DS)
	        - Generate certificates
      	  - Copy certificates to USB drive or NFS share for later use
           - SAMBA4 (setup using LDAP/NIS authentication)
     		   - Set up domain for use with windows clients
           - MySQL server (setup using LDAP/NIS authentication)
           - CUPS print server (setup using LDAP/NIS authentication)
           - File Server (/home server)
           - DRBL Server (setup using LDAP/NIS authentication)
	     - SQUID web proxy (restrict net access / setup with LDAP)
           - Setup the virtual servers
                 - Remote Access Server (remote. / ptpp server setup using
                 - Mail server (mail. / setup using LDAP)
                 - Apache server (www. and web. / setup using LDAP)
                 - Koha server (library. / setup using LDAP)
                 - School Tool (sis. / setup using LDAP)
                 - Moodle (moodle. / setup using LDAP)

     Step 2: setup the DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux) boot images
    	- Staff desktops with NIS/LDAP authentication.
	- Standard education image with NIS/LDAP authentication
      - Library PC image / standard image with addition of a local, no pwd
acct, but with restrictions on what apps it can launch without being logged
in as a standard user
    - Kiosks image / web browser only, no local log-in option, fixed start
    - Point of Sale terminals


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