[K12OSN] Life after LTSP

Gideon Romm ltsp at symbio-technologies.com
Mon Nov 8 22:26:32 UTC 2010

Keep in mind, LTSP is multi-dimensional, as well. We have the ability to run:

1. All apps on the server
2. Most apps on the server, some on the client (localapps)
3. Most apps on the client, some on the server (fat client + remote apps)
4. All apps on the client (remote apps)

We also have the ability to:
1. Connect to the boot server for applications
2. Connect to a load balancer-managed app server (LTSP cluster)
3. Connect to a dedicated remote server for app server
4. Connect to a VM

Along with the ability to do so with:
1. LDM (X-over-ssh)
3. NX
4. Your desired protocol here ....

And most of what we work on is making all of this simpler to set up.
So, while we may see in many countries a gradual decline in the use of
LTSP as a single server that connects low-end clients to itself to run
all applications, that does not mean that LTSP will go away, because
LTSP is not a one-dimensional project.

Plus, we have way too much fun as devs getting together in Southwest
Harbor, Maine every year to code and drink beer. :)

Here's a toast to the freedom to use LTSP as you need!


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