[K12OSN] Life after LTSP

Jeff Siddall news at siddall.name
Thu Nov 11 03:19:04 UTC 2010

On 11/10/2010 08:24 PM, Charlie wrote:
> So realistically, DRBL is limited as well since it requires like
> architecture on the server and client, as in you can't have a really
> robust x64 based LTSP server and a x86 based client solution. Not much
> use in running a high end server hardware system on a 32bit x86 OS. 

Yes but...

I suspect they envisioned that anyone running DRBL would be running
relatively recent fat client hardware which would be 64 bit anyway.
Even the current generation of the lowly Atom CPU (D4xx and D5xx) and
the previous generation 330 support 64 bit.


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