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Gavin Spurgeon gspurgeon at dageek.co.uk
Sat Nov 20 09:45:48 UTC 2010

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On 19/11/2010 17:27, Lars Schade wrote:
> Hi there,
> I recently installed fedora14 with the intention to run k12linux just to
> learn that there is an old defunct package in the distribution.
> Since I need to make plans for a server I run for a small non-profit
> nature park administration, I am curious to learn whether there are
> plans to provide rpm's for f14 or preferentially even for centos6 (which
> is based on f12/13 and to appear soon?) in the near future, say before
> the end of the year?
> I followed the discussion on the future of LTSP with interest but think
> I stick to it for the time being. And I would really like to also stick
> to redhat/fedora/centos.
> Is there any insider knowledge out there on the future of LTSP on
> f14/centos6?

Yes I can give you a little bit of a heads up on the F14 side of things,
and also

As you can see, I was working on LTSP in F13 and and got the package
working fully on I386 & x86_64. As I can also see that Warren seems to
have gone AWOL again, On monday when I get to work I will take over
BZ652896 and again work to get the .rpm's for F14 I386 and x86_64 pushed
up to the official repos. I will keep the BZ up2date with my progress,
so please keep an eye on it.

If the package gets into F13/F14 we have a very good chance of getting
it into RHEL or with a little more work on my part, we might be able to
get it into CentOS.

Sorry it has been like this, I didn't want to mess with Warren's
packages once he said he was back (2010-09-25) but it looks like he has
gone AWOL again, so I will get back on to it and get LTSP updated and in
to the official repos for both F13 and F14 as soon as I can.

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