[K12OSN] Users can't login

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Nov 28 18:32:34 UTC 2010


1. Can user John Doe log into the server console itself with no
probs,firstly? It appears when you do a manual install of the ltsp
client you are ending up with a multitude of errors. 
Are you sure you done the ltsp chroot routine correctly before trying to
build the ltsp client? From what you explain,it seems you are familiar
with the chroot thing from previous ltsp installs?
2. Did you do an yum update to the server side itself before installing
the ltsp client by chance?
3. Please post your /etc/hosts file here when you have a chance?
4. Did you set static ip addresses on both nics when initially
installing ltsp ( and have not changed the ip's since)??
A few things to try and narrow stuff down .


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