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Re: [K12OSN] k12linux on f14/centos6

Gavin Spurgeon wrote:
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On 19/11/2010 17:27, Lars Schade wrote:
Hi there,

I recently installed fedora14 with the intention to run k12linux just to
learn that there is an old defunct package in the distribution.

Since I need to make plans for a server I run for a small non-profit
nature park administration, I am curious to learn whether there are
plans to provide rpm's for f14 or preferentially even for centos6 (which
is based on f12/13 and to appear soon?) in the near future, say before
the end of the year?

I followed the discussion on the future of LTSP with interest but think
I stick to it for the time being. And I would really like to also stick
to redhat/fedora/centos.

Is there any insider knowledge out there on the future of LTSP on

Yes I can give you a little bit of a heads up on the F14 side of things,
and also

As you can see, I was working on LTSP in F13 and and got the package
working fully on I386 & x86_64. As I can also see that Warren seems to
have gone AWOL again, On monday when I get to work I will take over
BZ652896 and again work to get the .rpm's for F14 I386 and x86_64 pushed
up to the official repos. I will keep the BZ up2date with my progress,
so please keep an eye on it.

If the package gets into F13/F14 we have a very good chance of getting
it into RHEL or with a little more work on my part, we might be able to
get it into CentOS.

Sorry it has been like this, I didn't want to mess with Warren's
packages once he said he was back (2010-09-25) but it looks like he has
gone AWOL again, so I will get back on to it and get LTSP updated and in
to the official repos for both F13 and F14 as soon as I can.

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Gavin Spurgeon.
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It's been a few years, so I don't remember the exact details, but there was something stopping ltsp5(muekow) from working in CentOS 5. Did that blockage get rectified with RHEL 6?

I'm currently on a very outdated fedora/ltsp5 version and would love to be able to upgrade the school to ltsp5/CentOS6 ASAP. I'm only able to do these types of upgrades during the summer, or possible during the Christmas break.

I'd be happy to help with any testing to move this along.


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