[K12OSN] Wireless - TC boot status

Phydeaux reb at taco.com
Wed Oct 27 22:14:41 UTC 2010

> On 10/27/2010 4:22 PM, Barry Cisna wrote:
> The thing is, I'm not sure you'd want to pxe boot over wifi, especially
> something old that might only have b protocol or if you have a lot of
> units booting at once.  Probably what you really want is a USB/flash
> boot into something running the NX client with a painless way to keep
> the boot image up to date - like being able to run from ramdisk while
> overwriting the boot image if a change is needed, or having enough flash
> for two copies and a way to copy the new one in and toggle which is used
> for the next boot.  That way you'd only have to copy the image over when
> it changes.

I'd agree!  Something like this with a CF/SD card can easily be mounted to a
motherboard or inside a machine to allow such booting:


One could also mount a USB key inside the machine.  This will allow
booting without the possibility for users to remove the USB key,
floppy, etc.


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