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[K12OSN] Slight O.T. - FreeNX


I hope everyone is doing well.

So I am in the process of testing out a new installation of Edubuntu
and I noticed that FreeNX seems to be *much* slower on Ubuntu than on
Fedora.  Here's the setup:

- Fedora 10 server (older hardware)
- Edubuntu 10.10 server (ironically newer hardware)

Both these servers are in the same rack, plugged into the same switch
going to the same router out to the Internet.

I'm connecting to both of them using the NoMachine NX client from the
same computer at home.  Configuration at the client end is identical
(resolution, LAN settings, etc.)

I can easily see the screen refreshing during the Edubuntu session
while the Fedora session is much more smooth.

Is this something anyone else has noticed?  Or are there specific
settings on the servers that I would need to change to maximize

Thank you

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