[K12OSN] K12OSN Digest, Vol 80, Issue 15

Jeff Siddall news at siddall.name
Mon Oct 25 16:59:03 UTC 2010

On 10/25/2010 12:31 PM, William Fragakis wrote:
> Jeff,
> You pretty much covered what I was going to write about - seeing that a
> handful of clients saturate a wired 10/100 link,  under current
> technology, wireless would present more problems than it would solve. 
> Someone else referenced an LTSP wireless solution which isn't really
> ltsp so much as having a boot image on some sort of attached storage,
> e.g. flash drive. While it would be relatively easy to set up a spin of
> your favorite distro, say, with nm-applet configured to automagically
> connect to your wireless, you are moving away from the true TC. You are
> adding additional points of failure (bad/broken flash drive, need for
> updating the image on the drive) not to mention that in a school
> environment, the flash drives might learn to "walk" - go missing. 
> On the freenx, are you using freenx as a client or nomachine's version
> as the client? I use the nomachine version on F13 with no problem with
> the freenx server. I believe the freenx client on late versions of
> Fedora have been problematic.

This is the latest !M client on Fedora 12.  The last message in the
client log is:

Warning: Parent process appears to be dead.  Exiting keeper.

And the last significant error in the server log is:

NX> 1004 Error: NX Agent exited with exit status 1.  To troubleshoot...

Apparently I need to set SESSION_LOG_CLEAN=0 and test some more.


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