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Re: [K12OSN] Wireless - TC boot status

On 10/25/10 11:49 AM, Jeff Siddall wrote:

If I ever get NX working I will post my results with that over wireless.

Are you having trouble with NX in general or just trying to boot
directly into a client?  It's low bandwidth requirement does make it
seem like the best approach for using many wifi clients at once.

NX in general.  I was initially having problems because I had enabled
AllowGroups for sshd.  I never got that combination working, and spent
far too long trying.  The problem was that When I added nx to an allowed
group sshd would remove it and block the access on the next login
attempt.  Denyhosts also tried it's best to prevent things from working.
  Good grief.

Unfortunately even with all the extra security turned off I still cannot
get it to work.  I gave up for the night before I got too far into
troubleshooting the latest problems.

If you are using freenx on the server side, remember that it defaults to making a unique key per install, so you have to paste the key from the server's client.id_dsa.key into the client key config screen. Also, the first connection happens as the nx user so your login/password can be passed over the encrypted connection for the real user.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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