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Re: [K12OSN] Sever load , calculating

Hello All,

Thanks to all for ideas...

OK, I did find a couple interesting things in regards to CPU info.
(This is listed in dmesg as P4/Xeon Extended,,blah,,blah,,,)

When doing an cat /proc/cpuinfo  The OS is seeing the processor as only
1,so I must have jacked upped and didn't enable 'hyper-threading' in the
system bios. My bad. I think Monday I'll go into Bios and enable this
and see if the thing boots up alright? Anyone have any ideas on this

Also when I do an dmesg | grep CPU,,,I get a line saying 
" CPU0 Temperature above threshold,cpu clock throttled".
So I am guessing this could be hindering performance somewhat?
All fans appear correct as I popped open the case lid and they seem to
be spinning like mad as they should.

Also In regards to question when I run top,I never see any processes
eating cpu at all. This is what has me puzzled for the heavy loads
showing at times?

Take Care,

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