[K12OSN] ltsp-5.2.4-5.rpm's ready for testing (i686 & x86_64)

Gavin Spurgeon gspurgeon at redhat.com
Sat Sep 11 09:58:16 UTC 2010

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Hi LTSP/Fedora Community.

I now have a fully working copy of LTSP for both i686 & x86_64

The New .rpm's are still located on my www server, and to make things a
little easier I have also made a Yum Repo for both archs as well.

The .repo file is @  http://www.dageek.co.uk/ltsp/ltsp.repo

and the .rpm's them selves are also located @


Please have a play with these .rpm's and feed back any comments to me
and/or the mailing lists. Once a few people have tested the .rpm's and
given the all clear, I will push them up into the Official Fedora Repos

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding.

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