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Re: [K12OSN] *NEW* ltsp-5.2.4-1.rpms are HERE !!!!!!!!

Fedora 13 doesn't appear to have gdmsetup, which appears the tool you were
referring to in System --> Administration --> Login Window.

Your suggestion below may be correct in principle, because I also
found that I can't login to the server from another Linux box

X -query server_name :1

All I get is a black screen, that sits there until I return to the
original console screen from which I launched X and kill the job.

So it may be that FC13, out of the box doesn't allow remote
xdmcp sessions. Some years ago I knew how to set that up,
but a lot of things got moved around in Fedora. For example,
/etc/inittab no longer launches X.

So the result remains. I can get the k12ltsp login screen,
but no users can login.

Anyone know of a way to accomplish at the command line what
Patrick was suggesting from gdmsetup?

Brian Fristensky

Patrick Fleming wrote:

At this point I could successfully boot the thin client, and get
the blue k12Linux login screen.

However, I am still having the problem, mentioned in my previous post,
that for any user who tries to login, I see the message:

Verifying password, please wait.

The screen goes black for a moment and flashes a
message (too fast to be readable), and then
returns to the blue login screen again.
This happens with all user accounts, so nobody can

I was having this problem when I installed ltsp-5.13-1 from Fedora
13, so I don't know whether this is a problem with LTSP per se,
or something else that isn't configured properly on my server.

Have you seen this:
Log in as root at the Server. Specifically perform the following:
Now goto System ->  Administration ->  Login Window
Now click on “Remote”
On the drop down menu of styles select “Same as Local.

This stumped me for over a day when doing an emergency server replacement.


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