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Re: [K12OSN] Recommended Gigabit Network card?

Have you considered all the costs of using those old PCs?

Buying a brand new Intel D510MO for $80
will give you the PXE bootable gigabit Ethernet you are looking for,
plus a dual core CPU that will probably outclass most 5 year old PCs,
and it will save about $60 per year in electricity (assuming 24x7
operation and about $0.10/kWh electricity rates).  That plus it works
out of the box so no mucking around with PCI cards, boot ROMs, strange
video, flaky hardware etc., and of course it is fanless and small.

If you don't need dual core and gigabit you can buy the even cheaper
D410PT at $65

Since I didn't need the dual core CPU for most of my clients I ended up
buying the D945GSEJT instead.  It has gigabit Ethernet and also has dual
head VGA+DVI video, draws only 12 W and fits in the extremely small
Morex T1610 case.

I had access to a bunch of old PCs for my LTSP setup and I chose not to
use any of them since they ended up being more expensive than buying new.


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