[K12OSN] New Building's LTSP Server

Burke Almquist burke at thealmquists.net
Wed Apr 20 17:18:55 UTC 2011

On Apr 20, 2011, at 8:55 AM, Joseph Bishay wrote:
> The little shop I deal with has recommended the Intel Core i7-960
> 3.2ghz 8M Cache 4 Core CPU or the Intel Core i7-970 3.2ghz 12M Cache 6
> Core processors.  However the vast majority of online reading I've
> done says for "servers" or intensive-use applications (which I'd
> assume LTSP falls under!) you're better off with the new Xeon series
> of chips.

If you have the extra money for a xeon, your cash is better spend on two more disks, creating a RAID 10 setup, especially if you have a lot of users.

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