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David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Wed Apr 27 03:20:12 UTC 2011


I'm writing to let you know that you deserve great professional development.

It's simple as that.

Now...a little more...  If you've been to FOSSed you have some idea of what
I'm talking about.  Some conferences are great "dog and pony" shows where
you get a small sampling of what you can learn or walk away with.  Some are
simply a big trade-show with vendors hawking the latest and greatest
products that are sure to inspire a whole lot of gee-whiz in you and your
students...until the next thing comes along.  FOSSed, however, is different.
 Ever since the beginning, 9 years ago, FOSSed has been participant driven.
 We've set up the entire conference around what YOU wanted to learn more
about.  We also know that learning from a vendor is one thing, but learning
from your colleagues who've "been there and done that" is MUCH more

If success can be measured in longevity, then I can honestly say that FOSSed
has truly been successful in meeting the goal of providing quality
professional development over the years.  FOSSed is now going into our 9th
year!  Over the years we've had some truly excellent presenters and
presentations.  This year, I'm sure, will be no exception.  We already have
some great sessions and instructors lined up and are looking for more (are
you interested?)  We want you to come and be a part of the FOSSed
experience.  Many folks come back year after year simply because it is a
truly great experience.  You not only learn a lot from the sessions, but
even more learning takes place after-hours and during the incredible meals.
 (yes...I said it....the meals are AWESOME at FOSSed)  You get a real chance
to connect with colleagues and learn so much more than you can in a typical
conference environment.

We want YOU!  Come and be a part of FOSSed...either as a presenter...a
participant or both!  FOSSed is and always has been participant driven.  We
want to know what you would like to learn more about.  Please go to the
FOSSed  <http://www.fossed.com/>site (or click
go to Call for presentations for FOSSed 2011 (on the left side in the
navigation menu) and fill out the simple form where you can tell us more
about what you want to learn!  Once you get beyond the first page or so
there's also an opportunity for you to let us know if you'd like to present.
 Most of our FOSSed presenters are also FOSSed participants.  These folks
simply want to share their knowledge and excitement with YOU.  If you have
an idea...let me know about it...I'd love to have you present to your
colleagues.  (and did I mention we pay  you a bit?)

I know the economy isn't what it could be.  Times are tough.  This is why
it's more important than ever that we leverage quality professional
development at a great price.  The price for FOSSed is ALL INCLUSIVE.
 Meals, lodging, and the conference are all one low price (that's the same
as last year...we held the line and so did Gould Academy).  You can stay
on-campus...or you can save a little $$$ and stay off-campus.  (off-campus
is mostly for the local folks with a short commute)  It's $495 for on-campus
participants and $455 for off-campus.  All meals are included.  For those of
you who are ACTEM members...combine it with your ACTEM professional
development benefit and you could be able to come to FOSSed for less than
$100!  We're also VERY flexible.  Some schools need special billing
arrangements to accomodate the new fiscal year and so forth...no
worries...just contact me and I'll be happy to help you out.  (
copperdoggy at gmail.com )  OH!  And don't forget...FOSSed is in July...so it
is part of the NEW budget/fiscal year...that might help you!

Also...don't forget!  CEU's!  Yes...you can get up to 3 CEU's from the
University of Southern Maine (USM official transcript) for attending FOSSed!
 What a great way to get lots of great recertification credit all at once!

Here are some of the sessions I'm working on putting together for this year
(the schedule will be finalized as we get a bit closer)

Free and Open Source Apps for your iPad
The Open Source Mac and iOS
All about Android
The Open Source Studio (music editing, MIDI, video editing and more!)
Open Source and Active Directory (you gotta' see this!  It's AWESOME!)
Using Google Sites for ePortfolios!
Advanced Google Apps for your School or Classroom
Productivity 2.0 (using your smartphone, iPad, iPod, laptop, Google Apps,
and more to be more productive!)
FreeNAS (set up an easy to manage Network Attached Storage Device)
Advanced Network Security (Packetfence, PFsense..etc)
Open Source Cloning and Imaging (this is always popular and we hope to
address mobile devices this year)
Open 1to1 2011 image
Managing your 1:1 school or classroom (monitoring, filtering, keeping kids
on task...etc. with emphasis on free and open source tools)

AND MORE!  (I'm out of space)  ;-)

So...whaddya' waiting for?  For more information and to register for FOSSed
2011...go to http://www.fossed.com <http://www.fossed.com/>

As always...even if you don't have your PO number or you're not sure about
the finances...register *NOW!*  We'll worry about the PO and stuff later.
 You can simply email me the PO or PO number when you get one.  Please
register soon...we can take care of all the other stuff as we go along.  *If
you have ANY questions*...please email me at copperdoggy at gmail.com  I'll be
happy to help.

David Trask
FOSSed 2011
copperdoggy at gmail.com
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