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[K12OSN] Progress: Fedora 14 Now Supported, Fixes, Public Beta Soon

Public Beta Soon
3 remaining easy bugs before the release of the Public Beta. I am attempting to get that done and to revamp the k12linux.org documentation this week.

Does ANYONE have a non-US keyboard? If so, please contact me, we need some non-US keyboard testing done before the Public Beta.

Today I thought of a new way to do the replacement EL6 kernel (PAE disabled, nbd.ko enabled, extraneous drivers removed). This would improve the Public Beta much in terms of client hardware compatibility, so I will attempt to do it too.

Major Changes since Private Beta
* Fedora 14 is now supported. If you have the URL from the Private Beta, you should find k12linux-release for Fedora 14 and you can proceed to install like normal. Please report back your experiences.
* Many little fixes, faster install, less noisy, smaller.
* K12Linux EL6 is now based on EL6. Everything works great, except they added an annoying regression to livecd-creator that I am trying to fix. * LDM login screen is now less broken, language and desktop selection now works.

Detailed Changelog
- Run ltsp-chroot-setup only once during ltsp-build-client.
- Speed up ltsp-build-client
- Remove many error and warning messages during ltsp-build-client
  NOTE: Remaining warnings are from a new bug introduced by
  SL-6.1 livecd-creator.  They are harmless.
- Added wraplinux and mkelfimage to EL6 chroot
  Needed to boot on linuxbios, coreboot and some old client hardware.
- ltsp-update-kernels prunes old symvers-*.gz
- Shrink initramfs image by 1.5MB by removing dracut modules
  unneeded by netboot thin clients.
- Allow ltsp-build-client to work on Fedora 14 as a server.
  Theoretically this should make Fedora 14 fully supported.
- SL-6.1
- k12linux-release package contains yum definitions for K12Linux repo

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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