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[K12OSN] Fwd: comment on Documentation

Dear All,

can I first say that I think it's very cool that this exists on Centos6.

I 've been configuring ltsp on OpenSuse for some time, but that doesn's work out of the box, at least not with our hardware.

K12 does, and in record time.

So on facebook a noticed a request for comment on the documentation:

I like it because if you follow it, your thinclients will boot.  Sounds logical, but previous experience says it's not always so.

But because this is used by people who may not know that much about the Linux system, maybe it would be a good idea to make an extra, separate
part - not in between the commands- that explains more about the commands that are used.

I myself spent some time searching for 'where is dhcp configured ', being used to do it manually.

Also, I think that because there is a " ltsp server setup procedure" and "client set-up procedure", it might be useful to point out that they both
happen on the same machine. Not everybody knows how pxe boot works, so people may think they need to do the client set-up on the thinclient.

So that's my opinion, everybody feel free to knock me stupid if you feel I'm wrong.

Can I just add a question here:

I previously also tested Thinstation,


I would like to compare the two in terms of bandwidth use on the lan, does anybody know how to do that?

greetings, James

Opensource Software is the future.

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