[K12OSN] [Ltsp-discuss] ssh issue with LDM

Norman Gaywood ngaywood at une.edu.au
Thu Dec 15 00:40:26 UTC 2011

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 07:05:05PM -0500, David Hopkins wrote:> I am
beginning to suspect this issue is because ssh isn't resolving> names
correctly?  Timing>> ssh myserver>> from a shell (ALT-CTL-F2) takes
about 30 seconds to resolve myserver.> However, ssh any_other_server
returns immediately.  So, why wouldn't> myserver resolve quickly?
This is true from any of the servers ..> they do not resolve their
names quickly.
Is it reverse name lookups on your thin-client IP address?
Is the delay there if you do a:
host myserver
from a shell (ALT-CTL-F2)?
Is the delay there only if you do "ssh myserver"?
If that is the case, perhaps the sshd on myserver is doing a
reverselookup of your thin-client IP address and timing out.
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