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Re: [K12OSN] How to update K12LTSP-5.0.0EL-32bit chroot

Hi Barry,

when i was trying to get my centos host run with a fedora 10 prebuilt
chroot I had problems with the tc after loading the kernel from my dhcpd
server on port 1067,  the kernel loaded but the tc was making a second
dhclient call but back on port 67 and not being able to load a desktop.
i wound up moving sysinit_early and a couple other files from the centos
chroot into fed10 prebuilt.

 it then  behaved as it should have more or less. when i was on a telnet
screen as defined in lts.conf, I was able to login. shell screens give a
prompt at the TC,  when i specified an x session screen, I had the x
mouse cursor and gray/silver desktop background.

the K12LTSP-5.0.0EL-32bit iso worked perfectly, my only problem is the
packages in the chroot are too old. i need to update libc from 2.3.2 and
i cant find any utility thatll update the chroot so i have been trying
to adapt ltsp-build-client from fedora, without success , so far.

On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 15:09 -0600, Barry Cisna wrote:
> What are you seeing on the TC when it is completely booted up? From what
>         you explain you are only presented with a telnet login? No other
>         blinking as if X is trying to start? What have you set in your
>         lts.conf
>         file for screens? If you do CTL-ALT-F2 do you get a bash prompt?
>         Barry
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