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[K12OSN] samba-vscan-clamav update

Hello All,

Don't know if this will interest anyone here. 
Just made an updated samba-vscan-clamav rpm for recent versions of
Samba. This is an binary rpm .
The samba-vscan-clamav module had a bug in it that was broke for the
last versions of samba.Patch has been applied and working now.
If you are running samba as your file server this scanner works pretty
nicely. This is built and tested on Samba-3.0333 which is one of the
later versions for Centos 5.5.
Providing the vfs module of samba has not changed this should work on
the very latest versions of samba.
Install the rpm, read the README for the two lines to add to your
smb.conf and you are in business.
This has snagged a lot of junk for our k-12 school setting for what it's
Hope this may help someone here.


Take Care,

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