[K12OSN] Laser Printer super-slow? [SOLVED]

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 03:31:39 UTC 2011

Hello everyone.

So as per people's recommendations, I upgraded the driver from the
existing foomatic to the HPlip driver and like magic it started
working at regular speed.  I tested that same PDF and it was able to
print 98 pages in about 15 minutes as opposed to 18 hours (no joke!).
It is very strange that the recommended driver performed so poorly!

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped!


On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 8:49 AM, Barry Cisna
<cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us> wrote:
> Joseph,
> I just happened to look at your initial post here in regards to your
> Laserjet printer being so slow. I did not pay close enough attention the
> first time i read it, I guess.
> Seeing now that you have this printer attached via an parallel port
> cable this is probably almost to be expected in regards to print out
> speed of pdf's.
> Does this old printer provide an usb port by chance? If so,,this would
> speed up the print spool considerably. I am guessing the printer is old
> enough an usb interface was not thought of..:)
> You should try upgrading the printer driver to the hplip driver (from
> the foomatic you have listed) and you  would see a tiny bit of
> performance increase as the printer sits now.
> Let us know your findings.
> Take Care,
> Barry
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