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Re: [K12OSN] web browser crashing


My first guess would be that your thin client runs out of memory. Either way, running firefox from an xterm and seeing what error messages it spits out when it crashes, will help you a lot in finding the problem.

Kindest regards,
Jan Middelkoop
ICT manager Recreatie&  Zorg Groep

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Op 14-7-2011 15:45, Barry Cisna schreef:
Hello All,

Wanted to get feedback on if anyone has found a thin client that can run
a web browser that NEVER crashes?
It seems that the web browser crashing has no effect as to what the
version number is of FF or even Konquer,etc.
As long as this has been happening, I am guessing this is just one of
those snaffoo's," you just have to live with " running a TC scenario?
Anyone have a rock solid solution?


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