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[K12OSN] What repos should I use and how should I change them?


I'm starting to have issues with dependencies for things like php, where, when I run it in certain ways I get messages that certain modules are not the right version for the version of php I'm running. I have no idea what else might be mismatched beyond PHP.

From this:
[root kitkat ~]# rpm -qa \*-release\*
It looks to me like the k12ltsp repo is for version 5.0, but my kernel, etc. is for 5.6. Am I right that I have a mismatch? How should I make sure this is all working correctly together? I don't even use this server for thin clients anymore, but it started off that way, so I could ditch k12ltsp updates all together if there's a safe way to do that. Now it's basically a Samba/Mythtv server for my house with a LAMP stack for web development.

Thanks so much,


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