Olivier PUYGRANIER puygranier.olivier at free.fr
Tue Jun 7 06:33:48 UTC 2011

Hello Dear K12 users,

I have a problem with usb keys.
My k12ltsp is on CENTOS and i use it in a school.
It is connected on an external LDAP.
The homes are on the LDAP.
When i put an usb key on a thin client, it create an empty folder and don't show the content of the key.
I have this error message:
 /usr/sbin/lbus_event_handler.sh add block /tmp 1024 Temp
mkdir: ne peut créer le répertoire `/home/olivier.puygranier/Drives//tmp': Le fichier existe.
fusermount: failed to open mountpoint for reading: Permission denied

I have put the users in the fuse group.
Fuse is loaded.

Have you any suggestion?

Have a nice day
Best regards

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