[K12OSN] Supporting someone that support us

aahodson aahodson at episd.org
Tue Jun 7 22:01:55 UTC 2011

Without meaning to "preach to the choir" I am somewhat disturbed by the 
low number of folks willing to donate Warren some money. When I first 
read about his proposal, I though we had landed the bargain of the 
century, and immediately donated perhaps more than I could honestly 
afford. His knowledge and plain approach to solving our issues was more 
than worth my contribution. I am lucky in that I have a steady job, but 
in a few weeks I am retiring and will perhaps not benefit too much 
directly from his fixes. But, for those that will, and in addition 
support the idea of Free Software, what are you waiting for? Skip a week 
of latte or beers and actually send the money.
You may have recently read that lawyers are already trying to do away 
with Open Source - one way to stop the corporate greed they represent is 
by supporting folks like Warren that can help us expand the user base to 
where it may become impossible to reverse the trend... Are we as a group 
somewhat idealistic? I hope so - it would be a shame to have a project 
with this potential go to waste...

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