[K12OSN] K12Linux EL6 Fund Drive Status

Warren Togami Jr. warren at togami.com
Thu Jun 9 02:25:33 UTC 2011

Thank you everyone for your generous contributions in support of 

We have received $500 in total pledges from five new donors, all from 
different countries!  This shows that LTSP is used and is appreciated 
internationally.  This means the challenge has been met and Red Hat has 
agreed to contribute $500 toward K12Linux development.  I will be 
contacting individuals directly about fund transfers.

2011 Fund Drive Status
$2,330.79 Pledged from 20 Donors, Received $1105.79
$3,000 is the target for this 2011 campaign for K12Linux EL6.

Pledges by Country
USA: 12
Canada: 2
Finland: 1
Germany: 1
India: 1
Israel: 1
Spain: 1
UK: 1

Make your own Matching Challenge
Want to contribute?  Consider declaring publicly on this mailing list 
that you will match a certain dollar level if a pledge is made by a new 
contributor.  With incentives such as this, we will quickly reach the 
target $3,000 and bring the 2011 fund drive to a close.

Warren Togami
warren at togami.com

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