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Re: [K12OSN] [Ltsp-discuss] K12ltsp USB key LDAP

On 6/6/2011 8:31 PM, Olivier PUYGRANIER wrote:
Hello Dear K12 users,

I have a problem with usb keys.
My k12ltsp is on CENTOS and i use it in a school.
It is connected on an external LDAP.
The homes are on the LDAP.
When i put an usb key on a thin client, it create an empty folder and don't show the content of the key.
I have this error message:
  /usr/sbin/lbus_event_handler.sh add block /tmp 1024 Temp
mkdir: ne peut créer le répertoire `/home/olivier.puygranier/Drives//tmp': Le fichier existe.
fusermount: failed to open mountpoint for reading: Permission denied

I have put the users in the fuse group.
Fuse is loaded.

Have you any suggestion?

Have a nice day
Best regards

K12LTSP based on CentOS 5 (EL5)?

IIRC, that is the very old LTSPv4 which did not have remote USB storage support. LTSPv5 supports ltspfs for remote USB storage.

Years ago I made this incomplete and experimental LTSPv5 for EL5. ltspfs remote USB wouldn't work because it lacks fuse kernel modules. In any case EL5-based LTSPv5 was not supportable because of several missing pieces in the base distribution.

Please follow the development of K12Linux EL6 which aims to make LTSPv5 fully supported on EL6 (CentOS6 isn't released yet). K12Linux EL6 will be a LTSP distribution with updates through the year 2017.

In a few days I will be releasing the first private beta of K12Linux EL6 to the 14 project sponsors. Currently ltspfs is broken on K12Linux EL6. I am attempting to fix it before the private beta.

Please join this mailing list. A great many K12LTSP and K12Linux users are on this list.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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