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Re: [K12OSN] Private Beta Delayed for ltspfs

I hate when these sudden time sinks happen. :-(

I can report that my Diskless Workstations Thin Client is able to recognize USB drives when plugged in. I am running Gavin's latest LTSP on Fedora 13 (Sept. 2010). The server is 64-bit
and the client is 32-bit.

Brian Fristensky

Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
Wednesday my car was whacked from the side by someone pulling out backwards from their driveway. Luckily nobody was hurt, but this is causing a significant waste of time for me in dealing with the insurance claim and getting my car repaired. (Also lucky for me, I wont have to pay anything.)

I have been attempting to figure out the cause of ltspfs (remote USB storage) brokenness on and off for the past few days. Just now I realized that upstream ltspfs does not appear to match the ltspfs as packaged in Debian. So I asked for clarification.

I think it would be worthwhile to hold on releasing the private beta of K12Linux EL6 until at least ltspfs is fixed.

I *think* this feature worked in Fedora 12 LTSP. Does anyone know if this worked out-of-the-box with Gavin Spurgeon's Fedora 13 LTSP? I wasn't able to easily see if Gavin made any changes since he didn't publish his .src.rpm's alongside his binary RPMS.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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