[K12OSN] Poll: Priorities?

Brian Fristensky bfristen at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 20 23:37:26 UTC 2011

I'll elaborate on my reasons for wanting to use LTSP on Fedora 14, 
because they speak to bigger issues. The short answer is: to buy time.

First, it looks like Fedora 15 will be a show-stopper for LTSP on 
Fedora. I need
to upgrade from Fedora 13, so 14 is the only thing I can upgrade to. I 
have already
gotten Warren's LTSP beta working on a Fedora 14 laptop with only  a few 
so upgrading my server buys me another 6 months of so before having to 
make a
major decision about where to jump after Fedora 14.

I have liked Fedora because I like getting new functionalities that come 
with newer versions of applications. For example, when OpenOffice 3.0 
came out, it included support for the newer Microsoft file formats eg. 
.docx, .pptx etc. At work our CentOS system was stuck with OpenOffice 
2.4 for a very long time, which was a major inconvenience in this 
world. While Fedora's cutting edge has sometimes broken things, in 
recent releases,
my experience has been that they get fixed quickly (most of the time.)

Secondly, it looks as if staying with LTSP means abandoning the GNOME 
desktop, because of GNOME3. Or, abandoning LTSP, so I can use GNOME3. I 
won't rule out either until I get a chance to try GNOME3 for myself.

Thirdly, I currently have a 32-bit ThinClient that is 3 years old, and a 
64-bit server. LTSP is good because it makes it possible to accommodate 
different architectures on client and server.
But, if I spring for a 64-bit client, suddenly many options open up. For 
example, run a 64-bit ThinClient as a diskless lean-client, booting an 
OS image, and mounting home directories remotely from the server. Or, 
run some sort of remote desktop protocol (eg. rdesktop) on the thin 
client and leave most of the work on the server (my preference).

Finally, there is the eventual replacement of X11 with Wayland. If I had 
even a clue of what this implies, my choice of Linux distro and thin 
client model would be compatable with the eventual phase in of Wayland.

Brian Fristensky

Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
> https://fedorahosted.org/k12linux/wiki/EL6Status
> Poll: What features or bugs do people think are most important to fix 
> first?
> (Fedora 14 Support: Fedora support is not a goal of K12Linux 
> development for numerous reasons including: Fedora 14 updates ends in 
> ~6 months, and Fedora 15 is almost incompatible with LTSP. That being 
> said, if sponsors really want Fedora 14 supported then I'll bump up 
> its priority.  At least one sponsor commented that they wanted Fedora 
> 14 support.  It might take only 2-3 days to make it fully supported 
> (but with the same bugs as EL6, ldm being the most obvious).)
> Warren
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