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Re: [K12OSN] Poll: Priorities?

On 6/20/2011 1:37 PM, Brian Fristensky wrote:
I'll elaborate on my reasons for wanting to use LTSP on Fedora 14,
because they speak to bigger issues. The short answer is: to buy time.

First, it looks like Fedora 15 will be a show-stopper for LTSP on
Fedora. I need
to upgrade from Fedora 13, so 14 is the only thing I can upgrade to. I
have already
gotten Warren's LTSP beta working on a Fedora 14 laptop with only a few
so upgrading my server buys me another 6 months of so before having to
make a
major decision about where to jump after Fedora 14.

BTW, what is wrong with EL6 server-side? It has OpenOffice 3.2.1, is that adequate?

I'm experimenting now with building Fedora 14 /opt/ltsp/i386 on EL6 server. Given that Fedora 14 has an optional non-PAE i686 kernel with nbd already built in, it might be a decent short-term solution until we figure out the most sustainable long-term solution.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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