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Re: [K12OSN] Poll: Priorities?

On 06/20/2011 05:26 AM, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:

Poll: What features or bugs do people think are most important to fix

(Fedora 14 Support: Fedora support is not a goal of K12Linux development
for numerous reasons including: Fedora 14 updates ends in ~6 months, and
Fedora 15 is almost incompatible with LTSP. That being said, if sponsors
really want Fedora 14 supported then I'll bump up its priority. At least
one sponsor commented that they wanted Fedora 14 support. It might take
only 2-3 days to make it fully supported (but with the same bugs as EL6,
ldm being the most obvious).)


Fedora 14 support already exists. I just upgrade a F13 LTSP system to F14 using the http://www.dageek.co.uk/ltsp/ltsp.repo courtesy of Gavin Spurgeon and did not have any issues. I have not upgraded the chroot yet, but the server side works great. Definitely don't waste any time on F14.

For me KDE4 support is a must. My users all run it on F14 now and do not want to "downgrade" to Gnome 2 :)

That being said I tried KDE in EL6 it and it seems to work as well in LTSP as could be expected given that not everything works properly even without LTSP!

There is something screwy with phonon as I get a boatload of "Unable to use the GStreamer Multimedia Backend: The shared library was not found." messages.

Also, the normal fusefs client filesystem stuff works fine, in the sense that the client media is mounted on the server, but there is no indication in KDE that this has happened via tie-in to the device notifier etc. That is no different from previous K12Linux, though it would be nice to have.


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