[K12OSN] new LTSP installation - Fedora 14

Jeffrey Williams cfiaime at cfiaime.com
Thu May 5 16:17:53 UTC 2011


I've just finished installing K12LTSP on a Dell Poweredge 6650 server with a SCSI raid 5 array (a hand-me-down from corporate) for a new Web Design program at a private school.  My thoughts about using LTSP rather than a bunch of desktops is the software we will be running won't drive the computer to its knees, and the DevonIT TC-2C thin clients are dirt reliable.

The two biggest helps in getting this started were:

I had to install a bunch of packages for development tools and system administration because the initial install was from the desktop live CD.  The server does not have a DVD drive, nor does BIOS allow for a USB boot.

The other major pain was SELINUX and the internal firewall which blocked nfs mounts.

The system is now running, everything seems to be booting properly, and I am actually using a thin client to type this report.

Many thanks to everyone who has supplied documentation, input, RPMs, and the like to make this happen.  I'll let you know how this pans out for the Web Design program, if the server has enough horsepower to make this work.

Jeff Williams
Communications Technology Department - Denver Academy of Court Reporting

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