[K12OSN] Plans for K12Linux EL6 and Future Fedora

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Mon May 9 05:41:25 UTC 2011

On 5/8/11 9:56 PM, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
>> There is more to remote X than LTSP/thin clients. Personally I like
>> freenx and almost never sit directly at a Linux console even though most
>> of my work is on a Linux desktop. And I've always thought 'boot-into-nx'
>> would be a reasonable thin client approach for wireless access using a
>> CD or other local boot media.
> I was only responding to your comment "seemed so out of touch with the way
> unix/linux is actually used". I meant that WE are the ones out of touch, not them.

And I meant that they are turning it into something that doesn't suit the 
reasons I've used unix/linux systems.  If that means I'm out of touch, fine, but 
if I want a single user box that needs one special console attached in a certain 
place and forces you to sit there to do anything useful, I probably wouldn't be 
using unix/linux.

>> Maybe - but at this point counting on SPICE seems pretty theoretical,
>> especially if the RHEL package isn't redistributable. The other issues
>> really need to be solved anyway since a typical network will have an
>> assortment of standalone boxes as well as the LTSP server and its
>> clients - and the ability to boot a standard, centrally managed image
>> would cover most of the maintenance issues.
> Could you point out links to that centos discussion? Fedora ships the core of
> SPICE client and server, so I don't see how CentOS would be unable to ship it.
> Perhaps they were confused with the non-open management suite.

I guess I overstated the issue - it was just the spice-usb-redirector package:

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