[K12OSN] Plans for K12Linux EL6 and Future Fedora

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Thu May 12 02:12:55 UTC 2011

On 5/11/11 5:15 PM, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
> I am reconsidering the worth of working on this project. This has not been much
> of a positive response. In fact most of the response has been only bitching from
> people who want everything but are willing to contribute nothing. Not having
> worked on this for years I had forgot how thankless this work is.

Feel free to ignore anything I say.  I don't have a real need for the project 
and just hang out here because I liked the "other" usability enhancements Eric 
threw into his rebuild (a working rpm-managed java back when Red Hat made that 
very difficult, webmin, acrobat reader, etc.) and it is sometime fun to answer 
sysadmin type questions from teachers.

But, I don't see how any amount of contribution toward the fedora packaging 
effort could have changed the way things ended up.  And in retrospect I see why 
the original version had to be a respin built to just come up working.   Eric is 
a tough act to follow.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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