[K12OSN] Pledge Drive for K12Linux EL6

Burke Almquist burke at thealmquists.net
Wed May 18 05:31:53 UTC 2011

On May 17, 2011, at 3:25 PM, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:

> Hi Burke,
> I am not asking for money transfers just yet.  I will need to see how serious this community is as a whole before deciding to launch the project.
> If I do decide to go ahead, you will have two choices.
> 1) Would you like to designate your donation to me, or to my designated charity?  If the latter, then I can get you a receipt for tax purposes.

Since neither you nor your current employer are paying you for this work, I don't have a strong preference regarding who gets the donation. I've subscribed to Slackware Linux for a long time now. (I started on Linux with RH 6.0, and while I do test out each Fedora release, it's just too much churn to install it anywhere other than my personal desktop. The couple email/www "servers" I manage run Slackware.) I get a nice pressed CD set or DVD of each version, and I know that I'm helping to keep the maintainer gainfully employed and working on Slackware; so I have no problem paying a modest amount of money if it means keeping a project I love going. 

You might be right though, I DO think many people would be more likely to donate if they know it's going to a charitable cause. I was in a HS Jazz Band, and our director was big on us playing events in the community. It was a great experience for everyone.

> 2) Do you have a Bank of America account?  If so you can transfer money to me with no transaction fee.  Otherwise mailing a personal check would be the best option.  Paypal is the last resort, as they charge me a 3% transaction fee.

I don't have a BofA account.  I don't even think they have a branch around here. So personal check it is. Postage is still cheeper than Paypal I guess, certainly for donations greater than $20.

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