[K12OSN] vnc to locally loaded ltsp?

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Wed May 18 16:23:31 UTC 2011

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 12:46 AM, Burke Almquist <burke at thealmquists.net> wrote:
> On May 18, 2011, at 1:04 AM, John Oligario wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Is there a way to VNC to the locally loaded version of Linux which gets loaded upon LTSP bootup?
>> If so what would a username be? When I shell to the terminal window I am presented with a logon however using root does not work, or there is a totally different password.
> I think you might be confused about just how LTSP works. The GUI you log into from the client is actually all on the server, with the possible exception of local some local apps. LTSP clients grab just enough of an OS to basically VNC into the server, so there isn't anything running on clients for you to VNC into. You can set up LTSP to run some apps on the local machine, but the session is still coming from the server. You can ssh onto the client machine, but there is no graphical session actually running on the client. If you want access to the displays on various clients, something like FL_Teachertool is probably your best bet. I'm not sure what it's status is on recent versions of LTSP though.
> You still lurking here Robert?

Yup still lurking. :-)
LTSP4 had a version of X that would support a vnc server module built
right into X. But since LTSP5, I changed fl_tt to work with x11vnc
being launched on the client.

I have docs up how to set it up here
But I think Barry made an rpm that does it all.

> OTOH, something like DRBL loads an OS image from the network each time it boots, but everything runs locally. It's great if you have lots of really beefy workstation.
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