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WebEx and Yugma both work great in Linux. I've never succeeded with  

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Hello All,

Has anyone on list been able to make GoToMeeting plug-in for
Linux/Firefox work in any way? This is really a showstopper for using
K12LTSP at this time. In the last 2-3 years this has become a must have
piece to be working in a school environment.

The solution to run Internet Explorer via Wine, then use the GoToMeeting
plug-in this way, is simply not transparent enough by any stretch for
multiple users. Just too clumsy for a quick setup for an end user.

 I did Google this of course and did not find any workarounds for using
this in Linux. 
The  GoToMeeting client download, when tries to start simply stops
saying the OS and/or the web browser is not supported FYI.

Thank You,
Barry Cisna

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