[K12OSN] GoToMeeting client

Phydeaux reb at taco.com
Wed Nov 9 20:01:25 UTC 2011

> Just an idea here, but as an alternative, IE could be hosted on a native MS box, and
> exported via an RDP session, Windows Terminal Server, or Citrix. The GoToMeeting
> client should work in that environment, but I haven't tried it myself. As long as
> you don't have to many sessions going, a minimal solution might be a couple of
> Windows boxes or VMs exporting IE via some links published on the thin clients. More
> demand could scale up to an MS terminal server, or Citrix. Riverdale HS did
> something similar (ms terminal server desktop published to K12LTSP clients) a decade
> ago, and although it was available, it was barely utilized. Slippery slope, anyone?

I'm not clear what the exact problem to be solved here is.  Gotomeeting is but one
product offering.  There are a host of others, some of which I have used
successfully in a Linux environment.  A list of some of these alternatives can be
found here:


Perhaps the person who posted about this initially can provide more information on
the specific need -- not just "How do I make application XYZZY work?"


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