[K12OSN] Webpage tanking TC

Luis Montes monteslu at cox.net
Mon Nov 21 14:22:48 UTC 2011

I also could never get Chrome to work on Centos5.  It's really the main 
reason I'm upgrading to Centos6.  I've successfully tested it on centos 
6 with ltsp, and it runs very quickly.  Now if I could just get a free 
weekend to update the school to it :)

Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank You All, for the suggestions.
> I was going to try the Google Chrome suggestion, Downloaded the
> available rpm,,from  the GC distro center,,but unfortunately,,there is
> not a working version for CentOS 5.x?. 
> I did find a link were someone had tried to manually compile GC on a
> centOS 5.x build and linked it up,,as an binary. tried this and GC will
> in fact open from this tar.gz binary but,,it is badly broken in regards
> to adding the necessary plugins/extensions,etc.
> So,scratch that idea for CentOS 5.x.
> It is suppose to install fine via the rpm,,in EL6 from several postings.
> It appears the glibc stuff is way too outdated in CentOS 5.x to support
> GC?
> I have also noticed on  most of the sites that really hangs the TC,,is
> xulrunner,,always throws 'unresponsive script ' errors. This also
> happened within the firebug plugin for Firefox,,which I did
> uninstall,just to see if the Firebug parsing the webpage(s) was in fact
> part of the root cause.
> Take Care,
> Barry
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