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Re: [K12OSN] laptops - workstations no access to internet

Op 21-11-11 22:19, Barry R Cisna schreef:

You did not mention if your 'test' laptop is a linux,or Winders machine,
but it should not make any difference,regardless?
> From this machine try pinging    google.com
See if it resolves the google public ip address,,one time,,,but you
never get any responses.

If your 'test' laptop, is a windows laptop,,,do an ipconfig /all from
the command line and post here what this shows.
It appears this particular laptop is not traversing the gateway for some

Try hardcoding in the correct ip address, gateway and dns server
numbers...into the laptop and see if you can web browse after these are
put into it.

Take Care,

Hallo Barry,

thank you for the reply.

All machines involved are Linux, a little walk in the building at least solved the gateway problem, now all machines see the bridged network as gateway, 172.***.***.***. As a consequence now none of the laptops or pc's can access the outside world, they can only ping the internel NIC, aka the bridged network interface. The Thinclients boot fine and they work ok, but yesterday I crashed the whole network when wanting to assign fixed ip adresses to printers and restarting dhcpd.....

Probably there is an error in ip setup I posted before, or in dhcpd.conf, but I did not change that:

default-lease-time            21600;
max-lease-time                21600;
ddns-update-style none;
allow booting;
allow bootp;

#host printer-canon {
#  hardware ethernet 00:00:85:57:a9:18;
#  fixed-address;

option subnet-mask  ;
option broadcast-address;
option routers      ;
option domain-name-servers;
next-server         ;
option domain-name            "ltsp";
option option-128 code 128 = string;
option option-129 code 129 = text;
option option-221 code 221 = text;

shared-network WORKSTATIONS {
  subnet netmask {
     range dynamic-bootp;
     use-host-decl-names       on;
     option log-servers;

greetings, J.

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